BlueSky Consultancy

Experts in improving your

sales and marketing operations

Introducing BlueSky Consulting

We are experts in knowing which software will improve your sales and marketing operations.

Sales leaders tell us they are looking for an edge for their sales team in this competitive market place. The right software can unlock your sales and marketing operation. But with so many venders offering a huge selection of products, it is difficult to know what to go for.

The wrong decision is costly both financially but also in management time and resource. So how can you be confident in the solution you choose? As you are the experts of your industry, we are the experts on ours; sales software.

Each member of the team has a background in sales or marketing. They have worked on the coalface and understand the challenges faced by your sales teams. We will spend time understanding your business, defining your unique set of challenges and make recommendations that you can trust.

Who do we help?

We have helped hundreds of customers in many B2B sectors.

We specialise in:

Office products

What we do

Simply put, we will transform your sales operation by introducing the right software for your business. We have a wide breadth of knowledge with a variety of systems.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Marketing automation software including email blasters
  • Return on investment tracking
  • Order management
  • Inventory management
  • Forecasting
  • Route planning
  • Mileage tracking

Our approach

Each customer is different and we tailor a solution to your needs. We can therefore offer the following:
Observations – all levels within the business
Business Process Analysis (BPA)
Review current IT systems

Reasons to get in touch:

  • To achieve your growth strategy
  • Increase selling time
  • Improve sales pipeline
  • Building Resilience (BR) into the team.
  • High performance management.
  • Enabling strategies to support rapid growth
  • Raising your business to the next threshold.
  • Business exit – ways to make selling your business more likely.

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